Tips for Kitchen renovation

Want to enjoy the art of cooking, a good kitchen environment is the most important factor. At the beginning of the decoration, we should know what should be pay attention to, so as to avoid all kinds of regret. However, for who is going to do the first renovation,quartz stone today we are going to tell you everything is possible in the following article, you will see some tips in kitchen decoration. Read this and do not regret in the future.


1, kitchen tiles
You should consider the indoor light condition when choose the wall tiles. Too light and too dark space should be used and the honed and light color tiles, so to avoid light pollution. When choosing floor tiles, should consider color and luster, besides, should choose non slippery tiles, in order to avoid slipping.

2, kitchen ceiling
The kitchen wall tiles should choose the fireproof material, which can be heat resistance and easy cleaning, such as glazed wall tiles and aluminum ceiling etc.. The kitchen ceiling should consider waterproof products, i.e. waterproof gypsum board waterproof latex paint, waterproof putty.

3, kitchen storage
The function of the kitchen determines that it is the most easy to become “dirty, chaotic” place in a house. One of the most important purpose when renovate the kitchen is to make the kitchen convenient, functional in addition to beautiful and clean. To make full quartz stone supplier use of the space, you need to full use the cabinet, the hanging cabinet, to give the pot, bowls, pans, pots a proper space. The kitchen cabinet better to make them push-pull drawer, convenient to take and put.. The hanging cabinet can be made to 30 to 40 cm wide multilayer lattice.

4, kitchen ventilator
The height of the kitchen ventilator should consider the user’s height. And the ventilator should be within 60cm to the cooker. It’s better to install the cabinets and ventilator at the same time to avoid unnecessary problems.

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Brief introduction of engineered quartz stone

Sometimes engineered quartz stone referred to as quartz, however it is quite different from all-natural stone from the quarry. Not the same as kitchen countertop that might be fabricated by marble & granite alone, engineered quartz stone is made from quartz sands that are combined very firmly mixed with a resin binder. After pressed into slabs by machinery, the product looks very similar to natural stone slab, but the quartz worktop supplier extra value of the cutting process is not the same.

The color, pattern and veins that can be manufacturer from the quartz material are much better than in nature and attract people’s eyes. This advantage allows for a widely usage that is unrivalled for matching many various interior projects. Quartz stone has a variety of pattern and color tone that make sure that for a creative cavalcade to be released in family and business projects.

It’s not difficult to maintain quartz stone. Similar some marble & granite, the reason is that it is an kind of quite hard stone surface depending on the chemical composition of the quartz. Highly resistant to heat, quartz stone won’t leave a mark when a burning hot pot quartz surface supplier or pan is placed on it. It’s a thing of the past to worrying about scratches, even if you may not want to cut directly by knife on the surface.

Depends on of its unique properties, a quartz stone makes cleaning very easy. The surface have no any pores that natural stone is inclined towards. Staining also no longer happened in engineered quartz makes it more difficult for liquids to penetrate.

Lixin Quartz Tiles & Porcelain Flooring

I know you have ever want to change the way of your house looks. There are a variety of materials used to make house flooring. porcelain tiles is the most popular materials used for flooring. However, the best option to go for is starlight quartz tiles . It will look engineered stone supplier very beautiful and different from before.

Unlike porcelain only the light and dark color, Starlight quartz tiles are available in different designs and colors. These tiles are available in colors including cool colors like white, black, grey, blue, red, orange and yellows.

If you are planning to give your house special and impressive, the amazing color for living room the black combine with red can be the best option.But for bedroom then white or grey color can be a good option, it will give you a comfortable feeling when you entrance your bedroom.

Quartz Tiles are made from a combination of natural quartz and epoxy resin. Porcelain is made from solid. Quartz tiles and Porcelain also have less water absorption and proof scratches. The main different quartz tiles and porcelain is quartz tiles has amazing quartz countertop supplier shining surface pattern. Porcelain is matt pattern.

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Come and Visit Us at MARMOMACC 2016

Lixin Stone Co., Ltd is going to participate in MARMOMACC this year as usual like we always do since the year 2005 at our usual booth HALL 8, D5-1.

MARMOMACC Stone exhibition is the largest and most important exhibition of stone industry from all over the world, so that quartz stone from here enterprises find the latest trends and future orders. MARMOMACC Stone exhibition also understand the state of the art, and in line with the most advanced stone processing machinery manufacturers place.
In 2015, the exhibition attracted over 1 thousand exhibitors from over 9 hundred countries.


We treasure each opportunity to meet with you, all our values customers. From 28th Sep. ~ 01st Oct. 2016, LIXIN Quartz with our quartz surface will be present at “Marmomacc 2016”, Italy, Verona.
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Status Quo of Wuxi Zipper

In 2016, how is the situation of zipper? Wooshi zipper Co., Ltd. through the exchange, get the information fed back by the zipper around the association:

Plastic Zipper
Wuxi area: because of government support for zipper enterprises is relatively weak, the development of Wuxi zipper industry is facing some pressure, especially for Small and micro businesses, industry situation forced enterprises began to transition; local zipper matching is also inadequate, involving environmental protection link zipper production, it is difficult to break through their own, resulting in some enterprises start the transition to other industries, although not a breakthrough in scale and quantity, but from the strategic orientation of zipper enterprises, and actively seek a breakthrough in the characteristic development.

Even in the first half of this year sales volume Wu decline, but from the whole production enterprises, although not growth, but sales still is to keep the state in a stable sales growth. Efficiency is about 8%, but sales growth basically no growth, also appeared to shrink, which fully shows that, to create the product features, to do their own good products to pull Chain industry is a feasible way, the next will be in the zipper industry in Wuxi, will focus on creating a number of features, there is a technical content of the zipper enterprises!

“Metal zipper” Standard on What Kind of Requirements Zipper

This is the core content of the zipper product standard, is a measure of the quality of zipper. In the metal zipper standards and requirements of the zipper are summarized into three aspects, one is based on the zipper, mainly refers to the composition of zipper size and allowable deviation; second, is to require physical properties, the zipper of each component, the associated with either a set of performance indicators; third, surface quality requirements, the zipper surface quality, including cloth color fastness, zipper after washing and drying appearance changes and safety requirements. Because the application range of the zipper is widely and in different products supporting requirements different. Therefore, it is not possible to have a unified environmental protection requirements, so in the new standard just on application to clothing zipper propose safety requirements, it is mandatory requirement.

In the “metal zipper” standard requirements, the size and the allowable deviation mainly refers to those parts of the zipper?

In the standard, the size of three parts, one is and the model about the size and the chain teeth mesh width size, which is a specific range; second refers to the length of the zipper belt, is mainly: the basic dimensions of the zipper length, width of cloth (per unit width), before taking the lead length, lead length, and give the corresponding size allowable deviation; three is code refers to the chain length, give the corresponding to the length of the allowable deviation.

The new standard with the old standard control, zipper cloth belt width and before taking the lead, the lead after size were modified reduced the original size.


Engineered Quartz Countertops, Good Choice For Your Kitchen

There are distinct differences which will definitely sway some home owners from one countertop material to the other. Which countertop material is better? There’s always a debate regard to this question.

The first major key difference between quartz countertops and other material, which is the most noticeable, is the color variations and unique patterns. No two slabs of natural stone will share the same exact pattern. Similar veining, texture and color shading can be obtained, but the slabs will need to be from the same quarry and the same general area within that particular quarry.

lixin quartz stone

With engineered quartz countertops, uniform color and pattern is easily achieved. One advantage of quartz countertops due to engineered quartz countertops being processed with resins and pigments, an almost unlimited color selection is possible. The home owner needs to be aware of the limitation of using an engineered quartz countertop in an exterior patio or grill area.

Similarities do exist between quartz stone and other materials though. Quartz is exceptionally hard and will stand up to everyday normal abuse. However, acidic liquid spills such as lemon juice or wine, should be cleaned up immediately in order to prevent any detrimental affects to the finish of each countertop finish. The finish of each may also be adversely affected by setting a hot sauce pan or some other cooking vessel directly on the countertop surface. For this reason it is always recommended by the fabricators and manufacturers that a trivet or pot holder is used for setting the pan down.

Whether engineered quartz or other kind of material is chosen for a countertop material, either stone will be a beautiful upgrade to any home décor.

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How to test the strength and check on unilateral zipper strength

Open end zipper prevent slider pull to top off is a protection of the user (especially children’s clothing, etc.) the safety index. Test methods and steps are as follows:

Check the strength testing equipment, test speed and test the same strength level. Fixture and test on the same strength of the same. Take the chain with a socket, check down the interception of 50mm length from the socket, end loaded fixture, locking. Will pull the piece into the fixture, the material test machine count to zero. Start the test machine, until the slider out on or chain breakage, at the moment, the instrument display readings is unilateral cotter check strength.

Next we will test a separating zipper pull strength: This is the test of separating zipper apart and chain binding firmness of an index.

Cotter pull test equipment and fixtures, including strong testing speed and strength of the same level test.

Testing methods and steps are as follows: fetch length greater than 50mm with separate pieces of the zipper, will separate pieces on both sides of the chain are respectively loaded in the clamp, clamping fixture edge should be with intubation of the medial end (i.e. on chain tooth end) into a straight line, clamping mouth close to the cannula, a socket. The material test machine count to zero. Start the test machine, until the chain share or cloth broken, then the instrument display value is split pull strength.

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unilateral zipper