Brief introduction of engineered quartz stone

Sometimes engineered quartz stone referred to as quartz, however it is quite different from all-natural stone from the quarry. Not the same as kitchen countertop that might be fabricated by marble & granite alone, engineered quartz stone is made from quartz sands that are combined very firmly mixed with a resin binder. After pressed into slabs by machinery, the product looks very similar to natural stone slab, but the quartz worktop supplier extra value of the cutting process is not the same.

The color, pattern and veins that can be manufacturer from the quartz material are much better than in nature and attract people’s eyes. This advantage allows for a widely usage that is unrivalled for matching many various interior projects. Quartz stone has a variety of pattern and color tone that make sure that for a creative cavalcade to be released in family and business projects.

It’s not difficult to maintain quartz stone. Similar some marble & granite, the reason is that it is an kind of quite hard stone surface depending on the chemical composition of the quartz. Highly resistant to heat, quartz stone won’t leave a mark when a burning hot pot quartz surface supplier or pan is placed on it. It’s a thing of the past to worrying about scratches, even if you may not want to cut directly by knife on the surface.

Depends on of its unique properties, a quartz stone makes cleaning very easy. The surface have no any pores that natural stone is inclined towards. Staining also no longer happened in engineered quartz makes it more difficult for liquids to penetrate.


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