Tips for Kitchen renovation

Want to enjoy the art of cooking, a good kitchen environment is the most important factor. At the beginning of the decoration, we should know what should be pay attention to, so as to avoid all kinds of regret. However, for who is going to do the first renovation,quartz stone today we are going to tell you everything is possible in the following article, you will see some tips in kitchen decoration. Read this and do not regret in the future.


1, kitchen tiles
You should consider the indoor light condition when choose the wall tiles. Too light and too dark space should be used and the honed and light color tiles, so to avoid light pollution. When choosing floor tiles, should consider color and luster, besides, should choose non slippery tiles, in order to avoid slipping.

2, kitchen ceiling
The kitchen wall tiles should choose the fireproof material, which can be heat resistance and easy cleaning, such as glazed wall tiles and aluminum ceiling etc.. The kitchen ceiling should consider waterproof products, i.e. waterproof gypsum board waterproof latex paint, waterproof putty.

3, kitchen storage
The function of the kitchen determines that it is the most easy to become “dirty, chaotic” place in a house. One of the most important purpose when renovate the kitchen is to make the kitchen convenient, functional in addition to beautiful and clean. To make full quartz stone supplier use of the space, you need to full use the cabinet, the hanging cabinet, to give the pot, bowls, pans, pots a proper space. The kitchen cabinet better to make them push-pull drawer, convenient to take and put.. The hanging cabinet can be made to 30 to 40 cm wide multilayer lattice.

4, kitchen ventilator
The height of the kitchen ventilator should consider the user’s height. And the ventilator should be within 60cm to the cooker. It’s better to install the cabinets and ventilator at the same time to avoid unnecessary problems.

There are more tips I would like to share in the upcoming weeks, for more information, you can visit


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