Status Quo of Wuxi Zipper

In 2016, how is the situation of zipper? Wooshi zipper Co., Ltd. through the exchange, get the information fed back by the zipper around the association:

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Wuxi area: because of government support for zipper enterprises is relatively weak, the development of Wuxi zipper industry is facing some pressure, especially for Small and micro businesses, industry situation forced enterprises began to transition; local zipper matching is also inadequate, involving environmental protection link zipper production, it is difficult to break through their own, resulting in some enterprises start the transition to other industries, although not a breakthrough in scale and quantity, but from the strategic orientation of zipper enterprises, and actively seek a breakthrough in the characteristic development.

Even in the first half of this year sales volume Wu decline, but from the whole production enterprises, although not growth, but sales still is to keep the state in a stable sales growth. Efficiency is about 8%, but sales growth basically no growth, also appeared to shrink, which fully shows that, to create the product features, to do their own good products to pull Chain industry is a feasible way, the next will be in the zipper industry in Wuxi, will focus on creating a number of features, there is a technical content of the zipper enterprises!


“Metal zipper” Standard on What Kind of Requirements Zipper

This is the core content of the zipper product standard, is a measure of the quality of zipper. In the metal zipper standards and requirements of the zipper are summarized into three aspects, one is based on the zipper, mainly refers to the composition of zipper size and allowable deviation; second, is to require physical properties, the zipper of each component, the associated with either a set of performance indicators; third, surface quality requirements, the zipper surface quality, including cloth color fastness, zipper after washing and drying appearance changes and safety requirements. Because the application range of the zipper is widely and in different products supporting requirements different. Therefore, it is not possible to have a unified environmental protection requirements, so in the new standard just on application to clothing zipper propose safety requirements, it is mandatory requirement.

In the “metal zipper” standard requirements, the size and the allowable deviation mainly refers to those parts of the zipper?

In the standard, the size of three parts, one is and the model about the size and the chain teeth mesh width size, which is a specific range; second refers to the length of the zipper belt, is mainly: the basic dimensions of the zipper length, width of cloth (per unit width), before taking the lead length, lead length, and give the corresponding size allowable deviation; three is code refers to the chain length, give the corresponding to the length of the allowable deviation.

The new standard with the old standard control, zipper cloth belt width and before taking the lead, the lead after size were modified reduced the original size.


How to test the strength and check on unilateral zipper strength

Open end zipper prevent slider pull to top off is a protection of the user (especially children’s clothing, etc.) the safety index. Test methods and steps are as follows:

Check the strength testing equipment, test speed and test the same strength level. Fixture and test on the same strength of the same. Take the chain with a socket, check down the interception of 50mm length from the socket, end loaded fixture, locking. Will pull the piece into the fixture, the material test machine count to zero. Start the test machine, until the slider out on or chain breakage, at the moment, the instrument display readings is unilateral cotter check strength.

Next we will test a separating zipper pull strength: This is the test of separating zipper apart and chain binding firmness of an index.

Cotter pull test equipment and fixtures, including strong testing speed and strength of the same level test.

Testing methods and steps are as follows: fetch length greater than 50mm with separate pieces of the zipper, will separate pieces on both sides of the chain are respectively loaded in the clamp, clamping fixture edge should be with intubation of the medial end (i.e. on chain tooth end) into a straight line, clamping mouth close to the cannula, a socket. The material test machine count to zero. Start the test machine, until the chain share or cloth broken, then the instrument display value is split pull strength.

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