Engineered Quartz Countertops, Good Choice For Your Kitchen

There are distinct differences which will definitely sway some home owners from one countertop material to the other. Which countertop material is better? There’s always a debate regard to this question.

The first major key difference between quartz countertops and other material, which is the most noticeable, is the color variations and unique patterns. No two slabs of natural stone will share the same exact pattern. Similar veining, texture and color shading can be obtained, but the slabs will need to be from the same quarry and the same general area within that particular quarry.

lixin quartz stone

With engineered quartz countertops, uniform color and pattern is easily achieved. One advantage of quartz countertops due to engineered quartz countertops being processed with resins and pigments, an almost unlimited color selection is possible. The home owner needs to be aware of the limitation of using an engineered quartz countertop in an exterior patio or grill area.

Similarities do exist between quartz stone and other materials though. Quartz is exceptionally hard and will stand up to everyday normal abuse. However, acidic liquid spills such as lemon juice or wine, should be cleaned up immediately in order to prevent any detrimental affects to the finish of each countertop finish. The finish of each may also be adversely affected by setting a hot sauce pan or some other cooking vessel directly on the countertop surface. For this reason it is always recommended by the fabricators and manufacturers that a trivet or pot holder is used for setting the pan down.

Whether engineered quartz or other kind of material is chosen for a countertop material, either stone will be a beautiful upgrade to any home décor.

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