How to test the strength and check on unilateral zipper strength

Open end zipper prevent slider pull to top off is a protection of the user (especially children’s clothing, etc.) the safety index. Test methods and steps are as follows:

Check the strength testing equipment, test speed and test the same strength level. Fixture and test on the same strength of the same. Take the chain with a socket, check down the interception of 50mm length from the socket, end loaded fixture, locking. Will pull the piece into the fixture, the material test machine count to zero. Start the test machine, until the slider out on or chain breakage, at the moment, the instrument display readings is unilateral cotter check strength.

Next we will test a separating zipper pull strength: This is the test of separating zipper apart and chain binding firmness of an index.

Cotter pull test equipment and fixtures, including strong testing speed and strength of the same level test.

Testing methods and steps are as follows: fetch length greater than 50mm with separate pieces of the zipper, will separate pieces on both sides of the chain are respectively loaded in the clamp, clamping fixture edge should be with intubation of the medial end (i.e. on chain tooth end) into a straight line, clamping mouth close to the cannula, a socket. The material test machine count to zero. Start the test machine, until the chain share or cloth broken, then the instrument display value is split pull strength.

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