Status Quo of Wuxi Zipper

In 2016, how is the situation of zipper? Wooshi zipper Co., Ltd. through the exchange, get the information fed back by the zipper around the association:

Plastic Zipper
Wuxi area: because of government support for zipper enterprises is relatively weak, the development of Wuxi zipper industry is facing some pressure, especially for Small and micro businesses, industry situation forced enterprises began to transition; local zipper matching is also inadequate, involving environmental protection link zipper production, it is difficult to break through their own, resulting in some enterprises start the transition to other industries, although not a breakthrough in scale and quantity, but from the strategic orientation of zipper enterprises, and actively seek a breakthrough in the characteristic development.

Even in the first half of this year sales volume Wu decline, but from the whole production enterprises, although not growth, but sales still is to keep the state in a stable sales growth. Efficiency is about 8%, but sales growth basically no growth, also appeared to shrink, which fully shows that, to create the product features, to do their own good products to pull Chain industry is a feasible way, the next will be in the zipper industry in Wuxi, will focus on creating a number of features, there is a technical content of the zipper enterprises!